Why is Personal Training Important for Women

While everybody benefits from a regular workout regime; women can gain more in terms of strength; fitness and good health. Male and female bodies are not created equal and women are more susceptible to injuries and strain as compared to men. Add to that regular household chores; multitasking; pregnancy; menstruation and menopause; and you will appreciate why regular personal training is a must for women.

Importance of Regular Workouts for Women

So if you are a women (or have ladies in the family); you should know how a woman is constantly on her toes throughout the day; juggling home and outside assignments. This invariably takes a toll on their body leading to chronic ailments such as knee pain or backaches. Women are also more susceptible to injuries as they rush about constantly through different zones and planes.

Furthermore, hormones in a woman’s body contributes little to muscle building and strength (as compared to testosterone in males) which is why women have less muscle mass and raw stamina. And the onset of menopause can deal another severe blow to a woman’s health leading to brittle bones; weak muscles and general weakness.

All this can severely hamper a woman’s movement and physical fitness which is why you definitely need to work out if you are a woman. If you think a boot camp may be the best fit for you, then take the time to check out our Facebook Page: Personal Trainer Courses Sunshine Coast.

Personal Training for Women

Workouts are an innovative approach to fitness training which incorporates movements that are part of your regular work. During the training session, you will be mimicking everyday motions such as running; walking; sitting; pushing; climbing; sprinting; lunging; gripping and so on. Repeating these moves in your workout helps you to perfect them; improve ease of movement and perform more throughout the day. Once your sessions are over you can easily reach the top shelf of your pantry or pick up heavy grocery bags from the floor. If you’re in Coogee and in need of a CIV fitness instructor, then be sure to visit our website.

The sessions are specifically designed to help your body (a woman’s body) perform your daily activities in a seamless and comfortable manner. The modules focus on all the minor and major muscles of the body (and not just any particular zone) so that all your muscles are worked alike. The workouts are basic and low intensity and use your body’s weight as prime resistance. Sometimes, simple equipment such as kettle balls; dumbbells; stability balls; medicine balls, resistance bands and so on are used to create more impact.

Benefits of Personal Training specifically for Women

As mentioned earlier, women are more like to multitask as compared to men. This forces their body to go through a range of movements; which is just what you do in your workout sessions.

There is no muscle isolation in functional exercise. This means all the muscles work together which improves your overall stamina, flexibility, balance and coordination. After a few sessions, your body will be able to perform as a whole at its optimum capacity.

Personal training is low in intensity which means women of all age and fitness level can do this safely. There is practically no risk of injury as you just repeat your everyday movements under the supervision of a trained expert. Even pregnant women will find this regime safe and suitable for them.

CEC Courses To Teach You Obstacle​ Racing

Prepare yourself to be an obstacle racer

So now that you have joined and completed a 40k marathon, it seems like you want to have something more – a more enduring and challenging activity that does not only push you to run for couple of miles to reach finish line. After completing a marathon, you find it now a little bit boring. If you want an outdoor fitness activity that will keep your heart pumping and your waistline shrinking, I only have one thing in mind – an obstacle race. Don’t frown at me or raise an eyebrow if you think this is too lame or just too much for you.

Because the truth is, you can do it. After running a marathon, I bet you have got a couple of training skills like sprinting, long and endurance running and a couple of breathing techniques to fuel your lungs with more air while you were running. If you know what I am talking about, I think what you have is a good start for a more intense and fun and adventure you are looking for.

So, how does an obstacle race work? Simple. You have to surpass a series of obstacles and get yourself to the end of the game they call ‘finish line.’ What are the obstacles set ahead of me? Well, I can’t say they are simple. It is because obstacles vary depending on how capable are you doing them. For beginners, organizers have obstacle race set for 10k with series of heavy weight lifting, pulling, running trails, climbing walls, balancing over ropes or logs, things like those. Obstacles are getting harder and tougher when you are no longer a beginner.

Upon checking online, you will see several courses offering obstacle training with variety of races that you can choose from base on your fitness level. Some races require a team while others require individual players to join. Well, for me, it’s better to get a partner you can count on during tough activities, especially when you are about to fall. If you plan to enter as an individual player, you may also develop friendship within the camp since this is not only a physical challenge but a form of socialization as well. If you are thinking of running an obstacle race – be sure to hire a personal trainer to write you a fitness program first.

Believe that you can. When you started joining marathons, people would ask you ‘Why?’ and you just shrug and say ‘Because I can.’ This is also the same with the belief you must have when joining an obstacle race. Because no one would believe that you can unless you believe it yourself.

Setting up your mind: Focusing on what you do is the first step of setting your mind to achieve that goal you set yourself. You must erase the marathon thing and convince yourself that this is much bigger than a marathon. Program your mind and body that you’re done with constant running and you have to bring your skill to the next level – and that is obstacle racing. Dangerously Fit Academy Kettlebell Courses run 3 obstacle race training programs per year for the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and True Grit.

Training for more. When you were just running, you burry yourself with a long run, twice or thrice a week. You run a couple of miles around the parking lot after work. This time, your training should be more than that. You must strengthen your cardiovascular muscles and you can do that by running off the road. While running, combine it with a couple of sprints and hill climbing. You can get more training programs at Dangerously Fit.

Obstacle race requires relative body strength and balance cross over obstacles while lifting heavy things around the camp. You can enhance your strength by going for bodyweight exercises including triceps dips, push-ups,  and pull-ups for your arms and even upper body parts. For your legs and thighs, perform series of squats. You can do kettlebell swings and quick but strong movements like burpees, jump squats, and box jumps.

As a runner, you might have learned your footwork ability. Obstacle race will require you to   crisscross and surpass obstacles in a very short period of time. You can try working on your footwork on level or flat ground first and then upgrade to angled, uphill and rough surfaces. The Dangerously Fit Academy offer obstacle running CEC courses to help you run the race quicker.

Eat well. You should not have to be skinny to be healthy and fit. Many people think that skinny ones are the healthy ones. But you will be joining an obstacle race and you should be mindful on the food that you eat. Don’t cut back on carbohydrates and proteins because you will need them for your energy inside the camp.

Good luck to overcoming those obstacles!

Tips for becoming a personal trainer

The personal training industry is like any other profession where you need to be a qualified and certified personal trainer if you want to increase your credentials and be successful an assist people in their body transformation. Hence the first and foremost step towards establishing yourself is to get certified from one of the several personal training courses available.

Develop your personality

As a fitness expert, you are expected to stay in good shape and be fit and healthy. It is very important to develop confidence as a personal trainer. After all, at the beginning of your professional career, your body and skills will be your best marketing tool.

Sell your skills

To start out as a personal trainer, you must be prepared to sell your skills and bank on your qualifications and experience. You must learn to interact with people, build relationships, get to know their specific goals and make them understand how you can help them. The lessons that you learn during personal training courses on topics such as how many calories should your client eat to lose weight, health, human body, fitness, nutrition and exercise will help you here.

Communicate well

Communication occurs when you put across your point so as to make others understand and when you listen to the other person and understand what they are trying to convey. A personal trainer must have excellent communication skills.

Become a Personal Trainer

Be dedicated

Be passionate and stay dedicated to what you do. As a personal trainer you must love the human body, health science, fitness and exercise. If you are passionate about your work, you will exude confidence and show a real interest in improving the lifestyle of your client.

Be professional

A personal trainer must know his/ her boundaries and must always strive to maintain a professional relationship with the client. Unprofessionalism can hurt your business and reputation.

Be prepared for a change

Many a times, clients hit the plateau while following a workout schedule. You should be prepared to tackle this with a change in plan and type of exercises that your client is doing. Personal training courses will train you how to deal with such situations and modify workout plans to adapt to the client’s fitness level.

Maintain a diary

Maintain a diary to keep a track of the progress of each client. It will help you stay organised and monitor the client workout sessions.

Be tactful

Body weight and shape are sensitive topics and hence you must be tactful while interacting with clients.

Take responsibility

Your clients will look up to you for advice and solutions to the problems or issues they are facing regarding their body, fitness and health. Hence taking responsibility of maintaining the health and well-being of your clients is very important.

Continue to learn

The fitness industry is very huge. As a personal trainer, you should evolve yourself and keep up with the latest industry trends and research. Only then will you get new ideas to put into practice.

Personal training courses help you develop you enhance your knowledge and develop the skills that are necessary in order to become a successful personal trainer. It is the first step towards entering the fitness industry.

How to find a good rhinoplasty doctor?

All of us have our unique looks. Some are so lucky to have symmetrical faces everyone admires. However, others were not so lucky. This does not necessarily mean that everyone without a perfect face should go for a surgery simply because they are not impressed with their looks. Personally, I believe my face is perfect. But who am I kidding, my nose looks bumpy too and thoughts of taking a rhinoplast surgery often crisscross in my mind.
All of us have our unique looks. Some are so lucky to have symmetrical faces everyone admires. However, others were not so lucky. This does not necessarily mean that everyone without a perfect face should go for a surgery simply because they are not impressed with their looks. Personally, I believe my face is perfect. But who am I kidding, my nose looks bumpy too and thoughts of taking a rhinoplast surgery often crisscross in my mind. I’m wondering how to find a surgeon in NZ.

The most noticeable features of the face is the nose. Some are bumpy whereas others are symmetrical. The first thing that rings in your mind every time you look at that bumpy nose in the mirror is getting a rhinoplasty. Finding the best Auckland rhinoplasty surgeons is hard, this requires some research. That is not all as you will need to find one that you mutually understand each other.

  • This is a form of plastic surgery. This means that is aimed at changing how the person looks. The best definition is, it is a type of plastic surgery performed to reshape a person’s nose. It can be due to medical reasons. It is commonly referred to as a nose job or nose reshaping. It is safe and simple. After the operation, the patient is given some painkillers and antibiotics. The other alternative is the no-knife surgery. It involves needles and injections. The injections contains substances called fillers in order to change the look of an individual. It is preferred as it is cheaper and safer than the surgical operation. The backside to this method is that these fillers are temporary they often last 3-5 months. Permanent fillers are few and most of them haven’t yet been approved. In some cases, rhinoplasty can be performed on a person with birth defects which result to breathing problems because of the deformity of the nose. If it is for cosmetic purpose, the entire operation costs you not less than a thousand dollars, so yes pretty hurts…
  • Choosing the right rhinoplast specialist. Finding the right rhinoplast specialist can be as easy as asking your doctor for a referral or talking to previous patients. Go for the specialist that has positive reviews from his previous patients. Some research should be incorporated too, go to the web and search for articles, blogs or websites giving information about this specialist .Be sure of the keywords to type in the search engines so as to narrow down your choices. After narrowing down your sketched list of your preferred candidates, find out their educational background. Find out whether they completed their training in plastic surgeries for this case rhinoplasty. Look out for the medical associations and councils. These doctors form groups which is noble, as these groups conduct serious screening techniques before they are admitted. Also, there are set their standards which these surgeons must maintain in order to be accepted.
  • Should I say yes or no to rhinoplasty? If you have a ready invested a great deal of money and put in frantic effort in finding your right specialist. It still remains a doubtful and risky venture. One should first assess him or herself and think about the end results of the surgery. If it would be a positive outcome you really have to go for the surgery. Unless you will be opting to for the injection type which consists of fillers, it is important to know that it will be a surgery and it requires your optimum composure. This is a surgery performed by man be sure to expect some errors here and there.

In conclusion, you should find the right specialist the one you can trust. As we all know the worldwide web search isn’t precisely the most trusted source of information. These days, the most reliable way of finding the right Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery specialist is to meet him. Find the time to meet him personally. Setting up a meeting or booking an appointment with him before paying him to be certain whether you want to work with him. Following these simple steps will guarantee you of a successful surgery and most importantly a beautiful face having been satisfied with the services offered.

Boot Camp and Personal Training

When choosing a workout regimen and Bondi personal trainer you must first know your goal. The needs of an individual looking to loose ten pounds are immensely different from those of a marathon runner. Identifying the desired result also enables you, or your trainer, to properly devise a daily exercise plan and diet. Once a goal is established, the real work begins. Individuals altering their lifestyle to include regular exercise will experience a period of physical adaptation. The aches and pains only mean you’re doing it right, and the pain is temporary.

Good Bondi personal trainers will be able to ease you into a regimen and reduce the discomfort of the acclimation period. Staying dedicated and consistent is imperative. A lifestyle change is initially awkward and uncomfortable but the benefits far surpass the discomfort. Allowing a personal reward for the effort is a great way to stay motivated, but don’t allow the reward to be counter productive. Inspirational quotes written on regularly seen mirrors also encourage motivation and can keep your goal in the front of your mind.

bondi personal trainers
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To focus your attention on the goal is very important and prevents it from becoming lost in the chaos of daily life. A unique style of workout regimen is the “boot camp” style. This is a high paced, demanding style, but it works. Bondi boot camp breaks the comfort zone and gives the individual a “no excuses” mentality. Boot camps in Bondi enables individuals to push past physical and mental barriers. These barriers are made minuscule by the presence of others and our social behaviors and desires are a driving force of motivation. No one wants to be the slowest or weakest within a group, this is instant motivation and improves performance. No matter the method, the main thing is to “just do it”.

Allowing the chaos of everyday life to limit the time you devote to being healthy is just using another excuse. Boot camp taught me that! Diet is a huge factor in obtaining a desired physical goal. Carbohydrates are wonderful running fuel and bananas help reduce muscle cramps. When considering diet always remember you have to have proper fuel to perform at an optimal level. Hydration is elementary and cannot be stressed enough. When working out, regardless of temperature, water leaves the body. A Bondi gym can also be a great way to meet new people and make new friends, most gyms will have social nights and events where you can mingle with likeminded fitness enthusiasts.

If you wait till you are thirsty, you’re doing it wrong. Water should be consumed before, during and after a workout. In fact, water should be the only thing entering the body when weight loss is the identified goal. Consuming excess sugars from carbonated drinks is a prime example of counter productiveness. To reach a set goal, you have to make sacrifices. There is only one thing between a fitness goal and the individual. Its the individual.

Top Quality Thigh And Boot Camp Butt Training Exercises

As you go on with your daily activities, you may have read, heard or viewed adverts about how to get your body into the shape and form you desire. As a Rushcutters Bay fitness or boot camp trainer, you may have come across many people asking numerous questions concerning training exercises best for their bodies, particular muscle groups, butts and thighs, and their respective health in general. In this article, you are   going to learn more concerning the lower abdomen training exercise, known to many as Bulgarian split squat, and a few killer variations.  This kind of exercise is just so nice that it can easily transform your lower abdomen and body to be bullet proof in the shortest time possible. These are exactly the type of exercises that they use at my fitness classes in Rushcutters Bay.

Before going on, it will be good if you understand that there is no reward in putting your trust in training a certain part of the body only or reduction in spot. Quality fat reducing workouts depend on the overall body exercising, implying that you exercise the lower body parts, upper body parts and include al in a single workout. Through exercising the entire body, you increase the chances of cutting down the overall body weight, step up the rate of metabolism, increase muscle lean and improve the overall body fat reduction that will cut down fat in every trouble area.

It is also good to check your diet. The intake of foods that contain high levels of refined sugars, protein and calories is highly prohibited. Eating them will reduce the rate at which fats burn in the body. Another aspect you require understanding is that you cut down fats in your body using genetically pre-determined avenue; it does not matter the number of crunches you perform but lack of body exercising and a balanced diet, at no time shall you ever cut down those issues.

Read through this paragraph to understand one of the killer training exercises you require understanding. This type of exercise originates from one leg category. One leg exercises are good due to a number of reasons. One of them being that for those individuals with back issues, these exercises can assist them to properly carry out lower abdomen training exercises without necessarily placing their lower body in jeopardy. Additionally, it is good to make use of flexibility imbalances and strength with customers which are vital to address a single leg each time to actually shore possible links right from the start.

rushcutters bay fitness classes

Your favorite lunge training exercise should be the Bulgarian spit squat. Generally, you should elevate the back leg on a single chair, normally eighteen inches from the ground. Then proceed to put your front leg before you far apart in front to make sure that the front knee is somehow behind the leg’s ankle that will assume some kind of pressure from your knees.

The procedure for carrying out this kind of exercise is quite tough if you do not have somebody to help you, but once done ones or twice, it can easily be done regularly and easily. Many individuals who have tried this exercise have recommended it for its ability to work out properly with their bodies. First, it has helped them cut down much of the weight there lower body has, made walking from place to place simple as well as maintaining their fitness to the highest level. It can also be carried by overweight individuals including pregnant women. The idea that the men and strong people are the only ones who can carry out this exercise is not true.

Finally, this exercise can also be carried out when in a boot camp. The fitness trainers in these camps have all the skills to carry out such exercises in the best way possible. This does not say that you cant carry it out personally; it is actually possible, but experts suggest that seeking the help of the trainers is vital in that they can show you the way to go, train you on all the basics of the exercise and show you how to properly implement it. Therefore, in case you would like to keep your body fit, maintain health and fitness, it is good if you try this exercise.

Benefits of Working out with a Close Friend or Colleague

It is a known fact that working out regularly has several benefits both for your mind and body. Regular exercise refreshes your mind, enhances your stamina and keeps you stress-free throughout the day. However, to reap the maximum benefits of exercise you must maintain a continuous schedule i.e. you have to exercise regularly. But this is something that is difficult to achieve. Unless you are a fitness fanatic, regular exercise does become tedious after a while. Add to that the rigours of the schedule and you are tempted to discontinue now and then. The best way of tackling this situation is to rope in a friend or colleague as your workout partner. Or else, you can also join a personal trainers Brighton programme and workout with like-minded people with similar health needs and aims.

Friends make your Exercise Sessions Enjoyable 

Friends really make each and every workout session so enjoyable. You can discuss your progress and failures, plan new exercise modules together, create your very own diet plan and walk the path to health and fitness together. It is a known fact that any strenuous work becomes enjoyable in the company of good friends and this is exactly what happens when you workout with a colleague or friend.

personal trainers brighton

Friends help you to Stay Committed 

When you are part of a Brighton personal training programme or when you workout with a friend, it is really easy to stay committed. Commitment to regular exercise is what makes your programme successful. If you skip often under various pretexts, you will never reach your goal. You will start again and again only to fail repeatedly. But with a friend by your side, there is little chance of skipping any session. Your friend will call you up, coax and cajole you and do everything to ensure that none of you miss any of the sessions of your programme.

Friends help you to Stay Motivated 

Motivation is another deciding factor that can make or break your workout schedule. You need a high level of inspiration to complete your sessions, follow a healthy diet plan, lead a disciplined lifestyle and generally stay away from all sorts of temptations. Self-motivation can waver at times when a friend can step in to help you out. Your workout partner or friends at Brighton personal trainers will provide just the kind of motivation you require to continue your fitness programme and reach your goal.

Friends teach you the Spirit of Healthy Competition 

A huge benefit of working out with friends or in a group is learning the values of camaraderie, teamwork and healthy competition. You can really develop your social skills and learn how to deal with situations when you spend a long time in a group; learning and sharing success and failure together.

Friends help you Save Money 

Perhaps this is the best incentive of working out with a friend. Long term exercise under a qualified and trained instructor can be expensive. When you want to hire the best trainers for your health and can’t do so for budgetary constraints, it can become really frustrating. Bringing in a friend to share the costs is the only way of sticking to your budget without compromising on quality.