CEC Courses To Teach You Obstacle​ Racing

Prepare yourself to be an obstacle racer

So now that you have joined and completed a 40k marathon, it seems like you want to have something more – a more enduring and challenging activity that does not only push you to run for couple of miles to reach finish line. After completing a marathon, you find it now a little bit boring. If you want an outdoor fitness activity that will keep your heart pumping and your waistline shrinking, I only have one thing in mind – an obstacle race. Don’t frown at me or raise an eyebrow if you think this is too lame or just too much for you.

Because the truth is, you can do it. After running a marathon, I bet you have got a couple of training skills like sprinting, long and endurance running and a couple of breathing techniques to fuel your lungs with more air while you were running. If you know what I am talking about, I think what you have is a good start for a more intense and fun and adventure you are looking for.

So, how does an obstacle race work? Simple. You have to surpass a series of obstacles and get yourself to the end of the game they call ‘finish line.’ What are the obstacles set ahead of me? Well, I can’t say they are simple. It is because obstacles vary depending on how capable are you doing them. For beginners, organizers have obstacle race set for 10k with series of heavy weight lifting, pulling, running trails, climbing walls, balancing over ropes or logs, things like those. Obstacles are getting harder and tougher when you are no longer a beginner.

Upon checking online, you will see several courses offering obstacle training with variety of races that you can choose from base on your fitness level. Some races require a team while others require individual players to join. Well, for me, it’s better to get a partner you can count on during tough activities, especially when you are about to fall. If you plan to enter as an individual player, you may also develop friendship within the camp since this is not only a physical challenge but a form of socialization as well. If you are thinking of running an obstacle race – be sure to hire a personal trainer to write you a fitness program first.

Believe that you can. When you started joining marathons, people would ask you ‘Why?’ and you just shrug and say ‘Because I can.’ This is also the same with the belief you must have when joining an obstacle race. Because no one would believe that you can unless you believe it yourself.

Setting up your mind: Focusing on what you do is the first step of setting your mind to achieve that goal you set yourself. You must erase the marathon thing and convince yourself that this is much bigger than a marathon. Program your mind and body that you’re done with constant running and you have to bring your skill to the next level – and that is obstacle racing. Dangerously Fit Academy Kettlebell Courses run 3 obstacle race training programs per year for the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and True Grit.

Training for more. When you were just running, you burry yourself with a long run, twice or thrice a week. You run a couple of miles around the parking lot after work. This time, your training should be more than that. You must strengthen your cardiovascular muscles and you can do that by running off the road. While running, combine it with a couple of sprints and hill climbing. You can get more training programs at Dangerously Fit.

Obstacle race requires relative body strength and balance cross over obstacles while lifting heavy things around the camp. You can enhance your strength by going for bodyweight exercises including triceps dips, push-ups,  and pull-ups for your arms and even upper body parts. For your legs and thighs, perform series of squats. You can do kettlebell swings and quick but strong movements like burpees, jump squats, and box jumps.

As a runner, you might have learned your footwork ability. Obstacle race will require you to   crisscross and surpass obstacles in a very short period of time. You can try working on your footwork on level or flat ground first and then upgrade to angled, uphill and rough surfaces. The Dangerously Fit Academy offer obstacle running CEC courses to help you run the race quicker.

Eat well. You should not have to be skinny to be healthy and fit. Many people think that skinny ones are the healthy ones. But you will be joining an obstacle race and you should be mindful on the food that you eat. Don’t cut back on carbohydrates and proteins because you will need them for your energy inside the camp.

Good luck to overcoming those obstacles!