Boot Camp and Personal Training

When choosing a workout regimen and Bondi personal trainer you must first know your goal. The needs of an individual looking to loose ten pounds are immensely different from those of a marathon runner. Identifying the desired result also enables you, or your trainer, to properly devise a daily exercise plan and diet. Once a goal is established, the real work begins. Individuals altering their lifestyle to include regular exercise will experience a period of physical adaptation. The aches and pains only mean you’re doing it right, and the pain is temporary.

Good Bondi personal trainers will be able to ease you into a regimen and reduce the discomfort of the acclimation period. Staying dedicated and consistent is imperative. A lifestyle change is initially awkward and uncomfortable but the benefits far surpass the discomfort. Allowing a personal reward for the effort is a great way to stay motivated, but don’t allow the reward to be counter productive. Inspirational quotes written on regularly seen mirrors also encourage motivation and can keep your goal in the front of your mind.

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To focus your attention on the goal is very important and prevents it from becoming lost in the chaos of daily life. A unique style of workout regimen is the “boot camp” style. This is a high paced, demanding style, but it works. Bondi boot camp breaks the comfort zone and gives the individual a “no excuses” mentality. Boot camps in Bondi enables individuals to push past physical and mental barriers. These barriers are made minuscule by the presence of others and our social behaviors and desires are a driving force of motivation. No one wants to be the slowest or weakest within a group, this is instant motivation and improves performance. No matter the method, the main thing is to “just do it”.

Allowing the chaos of everyday life to limit the time you devote to being healthy is just using another excuse. Boot camp taught me that! Diet is a huge factor in obtaining a desired physical goal. Carbohydrates are wonderful running fuel and bananas help reduce muscle cramps. When considering diet always remember you have to have proper fuel to perform at an optimal level. Hydration is elementary and cannot be stressed enough. When working out, regardless of temperature, water leaves the body. A Bondi gym can also be a great way to meet new people and make new friends, most gyms will have social nights and events where you can mingle with likeminded fitness enthusiasts.

If you wait till you are thirsty, you’re doing it wrong. Water should be consumed before, during and after a workout. In fact, water should be the only thing entering the body when weight loss is the identified goal. Consuming excess sugars from carbonated drinks is a prime example of counter productiveness. To reach a set goal, you have to make sacrifices. There is only one thing between a fitness goal and the individual. Its the individual.